Price Per Minute:
0.98 - 2.99

Take Advantage of Imlive Fetish Cam Review

A Review of ImLive: If you're looking for an unlimited choice of fetish categories and live chat rooms, Imlive is a sure bet. This video chat community offers anything from foot fetish to BDSM and it has more discounts than any other site..

Site's Specials: New fetish camgirls charge a maximum of 0.98 per minute, Free celeb shows.

Imlive.com is a Kinky Chat Community with Various Fetish Webcams

Find your ideal fetish chat rooms and your ideal chatting partner on Imlive.com. This impressive adult webcam community takes fetishes very seriously and it lists numerous kinky categories, some of which you may not have even heard of. Take advantage of this great site and enjoy the special discounts and low private chat prices. There are many reasons to prefer Imlive above its competitors. Want to know what they are? Read the complete review below.

Fetish Chat Costs on Imlive.com

The prices on Imlive.com are so cheap that you might be tempted to look for a catch. Let us save you the time: There is none, it is simply one of the cheapest adult webcam communities on the web and this low cost has no affect whatsoever on the quality of fetish sessions. The average Per Minute price on this site is around 2.99, but you can easily find chat rooms for significantly less. All new fetish experts charge only 0.98 per minute, Happy Hour webcam sessions are only 1.48 a minute and there are even free themed shows to further sweeten the deal. Joining a model's discount club will win you another discount that can reach 0.90 per minute, for specific memberships.

Top Promotions on Imlive's Fetish Webcams

Imlive.com has the highest number of available promotions and this fetish chat community keeps adding new ones on regular intervals. If you are interested in saving some cash while your chatting with fetish cam models, here some of the options you have:
Large membership discounts
Happy Hour chats for only 1.58 per minute
New fetish camgirls charge a maximum of 0.98 per minute
Join Fan Clubs and receive huge discount on private chats
Free celeb shows
Free, unlimited chat rooms

Membership Options on Imlive Fetish Webcams

There are quite a few memberships available on Imlvie.com, but before you get confused you just need to remember 2 facts:
1. All of these memberships are completely free
2. Upgrade happens automatically and without you having to do anything
Now that you realize that, this all looks a lot less intimidating, right? Okay, here are the details of each option:
Basic Membership: This membership may seem, well, basic,. But it is actually good-enough for anything that you will want to do online. You can purchase credit, chat with fetish hosts, watch the shows and interact with all performers. The only thing you don't get is the ability to join discount clubs and the extra benefits that come with other forms of memberships. You will get an upgrade pretty quickly though, as you'll see below.
Silver Membership: Any Imlive member that buys credit for the 4th time becomes a Silver member. This title gets you 2 free discount club vouchers AND 16 free Happy Hour credits for each voucher that you use. You can also join additional discount clubs and get 0.70 credits per minute discount for private chats and recorded fetish sessions. The benefits continue: You get 10% bonus on Happy Hour credits whenever you purchase credit and you receive 4 Live Viewer credits for free, every single month. Silver members also get to watch recorded celeb events and Mad Video Competition clips without paying a single penny.
Gold Membership: Once any Silver member collects 1,000 points (which you get for purchasing credit), he instantly become Gold Member. This comes with 0.80 per minute discount for every minute you spend in one of your Discount Club models' chat rooms. You also get 5 discount club vouchers for free and for each of these you use, you will also receive 16 free Happy Hour credits. Additionally, Gold members get 15% bonus of Happy Hour credits, whenever they make a purchase and 10 Live Viewer credits, monthly and free of charge. Of course, Gold members still watch all celeb shows and recorded Mad Videos for free, just like Silver members.
VIP Membership: The highest level of membership that Imlive has to offer is VIP. Users that spend a lot of time chatting with fetish hosts will eventually collect the 10,000 points required to become VIP, but this takes time. Just like Silver and Gold members. VIPs get to watch all recorded celeb shows and Mad Video clips for free. For every discount club they join they get 0.90 per minute discount - both for private fetish chats and for recorded sessions. VIPs also enjoy no less than 12 Discount Club vouchers for free and for each one they use they are also treated to 16 credits for free. Plus, VIP users get 20% Happy Hour credit bonus every time they buy credit. Finally, VIPs have a special Customer Service that offers exclusive assistance around the clock.

What Fetishes are Available on Imlive.com?

There is a staggering choice of fetishes on offer at Imlive.com and listing them all here is impossible. All you need to do is click on the fetish webcam category and you will see a whole list of options for you to choose from. There are over 30 fetish categories available. Here are just few examples:
Backdoor sex

Selection of Fetish Hosts on Imlive.com

There are thousands of fetish hosts on Imlive and even if you, for some reason, choose to log on at early morning or the afternoon, there will always be over 100 models for you to chat with. This site also has a very good variety, so there are fetish webcam performers in every shape, size and color.