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Webcams.com Fetish Review - Find out the Kinky Facts

A Review of Webcams: This relatively small videochat site doesn't have every fetish in the book, but the ones it has are pretty fantastic. Come take a look. This affordable site offers totally free membership so you really have nothing to lose..

Site's Specials: 300 cams

Can Webcams.com Feed Your Every Fetish? No, but It Will Try

Learn everything you need to know about the fetish chat rooms on Webcams.com. This reliable and famed adult webcam arena has recently undergone an extensive update and is now looking spectacular. As far as fetish cams go though, there is much room for improvement. There are some nice choices online, but too few to fulfill every need and some users are bound to be left disappointed. Want to hear all the kinky details? Just read the full Webcams.com review.

How Much do the Fetish Chat Rooms Cost?

Webcams.com is a relatively inexpensive fetish webcam site with average private session costs being $2.99 per minute. If this is a bit stiff for your taste, just look around and you will find performers that charge no more that 1.99 per minute. The sexy fetish videos cost between $1.12 and 4.95 per clip on average.

The Top Webcams.com Promotions

There are no amazing offers or special discounts on Webcams.com. Currently the only real benefit you have is the following:
Free webcam shows for members

Membership Options on Webcams.com

The best videochat sites are those that allow users to join for free and offer unlimited free chats. Webcams.com is not free to join, but membership is incredibly cheap and it comes with unlimited free chat room access. This fetish webcam arena only has one basic membership, but there is an upgrade, which is free. Confused? Read all the details below.
Basic Membership: This is not a free membership, but it almost is. Why? Because it only costs $2 every 30 days. That's really more of a symbolic cost than an actual fee and the site must be using it to make sure that users remember the fetish chat rooms and remain active. This membership allows you to enjoy kinky sessions. First-time users are also invited to purchase 10 credits for an intro cost of $1.19 and I recommend you take advantage of this offer and use those credits to check out the private chats.
VIP Membership The only motive users have to upgrade their membership to VIP is in case they find the daily spending limit a tad restricting. Joining is a bit tedious because you need to fill in a form, send a copy of photo ID and wait for approval, but it is completely free and once you're approved you have no spending limit whatsoever. You also get a special highlight on the chat rooms, so all the hosts know how important you are and give you a lot of special attention.

The Choice of Fetishes on Webcams.com Could Use an Upgrade

There is a bit of an issue with the choice of fetishes that are on offer on ebcams.com. This site has recently made some big changes in its design and while it certainly looks much more professional and more appealing, it also lost some of its choice of categories and the fetish arena is therefore a bit unclear. There are some kinky categories, but it is hard to figure out what they mean. Alternative Girls is a good example, featuring an array of webcam models - some tattooed and could be seen as fetish babes, but clearly not all. The only actual fetish category available is "pregnant". That's clearly not enough and while they are other fetishes included in the live chat rooms, they are very difficult to find.

Number of Femdoms, Subs and Fetish Cam Girls

Webcams.com does not have enough fetish babes and this much is clear. Even in the categories that are listed on the site, only 1-5 web cameras are live and the rest only have pictures - nice ones, but this is hardly the live session a fetish fan expects on a site like this. There are several hundred - maybe 300 or so models that have fetish orientation, but no more than 10 can be seen online at any given time. This site needs to collect more kinky performers, and while it's at it - fix the categories, and it needs to do it fast.