Whiplr Messenger new fetish dating App

A Review of Whiplr: Whiplr is a brand new app for finding local play partners wherever you are. If you're on the hunt for a kinky messenger app on-the-go..

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Your Fetish On the Go: Meet Kinky People Wherever You Are!

What is Whiplr?
Whiplr is a brand new app for finding local play partners wherever you are. If you're on the hunt for a kinky messenger app on-the-go, look no further than Whiplr! It's a friendly, private and fun messenger with Kinks where you can chat, set up a play date and get your kink on with other members. Joining this adult mobile app requires nothing more than a smartphone and 3 minutes of your time to register for free! Explore your fetish or just spice up your sex life with Whiplr.

How Whiplr Works

After you sign up, you gotta upload a photo. As soon as you log in, you're greeted by a list of naughty amateur profiles, sorted by who's closest to you. You'll find the kinky MILF-next-door, college co-eds who've read 50 Shades too many times, and 24/7 BDSM lifestylers looking for a new man to call Master. Switching on your GPS/Location Services is essential to using Whiplr, otherwise you won't see who's around you. It's especially useful when you're at a munch or crowded dungeon, you can see who's nearby, down to 0.0 miles/km away. Does that girl getting her ass flogged at the bar have a Whiplr profile? What's her safeword? Do you share the same kinks? You're a few taps away from finding out with Whiplr!

Are you looking for the kinky girl-next-door or an experienced Domme?

You've got total control over the type of profiles you'll see in the app and you're not just limited to your backyard either. Whiplr is everywhere you are! Browsing through hundreds of the local scene's profiles while you're networking at FetishCon is a snap, just start swiping until you find the kinky girl that catches your eye. Swiping up and down her profile gets you quick stats like her age, height, weight, body type, sexual preference, kinks, role, experience and more (see the full list below!) Looking for fresh meat? Open the filters menu and sort out the kinksters who selected A Lot under Experience. Additionally, it's pretty easy to find the elusive BDSM unicorn - the Switch - by filtering for fetishists who identify as such. What's important to note is that all the available Whiplr profile fields are actually relevant to people with fetishes. The makers of this app know the community they are catering to inside and out!

Dekadom: Whiplr's Premium Membership

A 1-month Dekadom membership costs only $19.95. If you opt for the 3 months package deal, it's an up-front payment of $49.95 which works out to $16.65 a month. For 6 months of Dekadom service, you pay $79.95 up front, which is around $13.33 a month. A 1-year membership costs $119.95 which is $9.99 per month.

Getting Your Kink On

Let's say you've found a potential play partner (or 10) that seems like a great match. You've read her About Me and love the way she looks in a latex corset. What next? Send her a Spark! It's easy to get your point across with a kinky Spark. These animated chat-starters include: A feather you can tease her with (tickle fetish/sensation play anyone?) A ruler with realistic spanking sounds A stiletto heel digging into... something (for the Femdom lovers out there) A pair of sexy red lips smoking a cigarette (smoking fetish) A flirty corset cinching up nice and tight Whipped cream with a cherry on top A blindfold (sensory deprivation) A lit candle dripping wax (for wax play/waxing!) A thermometer reaching high temperatures (medical play) A belt with realistic whipping sounds
After you send a Spark, you can chat 1-on-1 for free, either by instant message or you can call her or start a face to face video chat. Type out your fantasy, start a role play online, or just meet up for coffee - it's up to you. All the chat features, including Voice over IP and Video Calls, are available inside Whiplr, so you never have to give out your phone number (unless you want to!). There is a premium plan the app calls Dekadom where you get unlimited access to all these communication features and more.

Beyond the Chat

Besides free and private instant messaging, calls and video chat, Whiplr has a lot more to offer. Here are just a few of the features you can find on Whiplr: Browse international fetish events & see who'll be there! Advanced profile filters: Role Experience Body type Kinks Age range Gender Relationship status Events they're attending Location and if they accept Voice/Video calls Compile your own Favorites list Block members (permanently!) Unsend a message (in the chat) Write private notes about members Exclusive emoticons "Hide age" option Social media links in member profiles Send your exact location on a map